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About us


What is Unpurple PR?

Unpurple PR is a public relations company founded and run by former journalist Will Ackermann.

We believe in no-nonsense, results-driven PR. That means we don’t fill our press releases with meaningless waffle and we don’t mislead clients with discredited performance metrics.

Our services

We cover a wide range of PR services, including:

  • copywriting (press releases, features, thought leadership columns, marketing materials, etc.)

  • media relations

  • corporate communications

  • crisis management

  • media training

Why choose us?

There are many reasons to choose Unpurple PR over a larger public relations agency. Here are just a few:

Journalistic experience

For PR professionals, engaging with and producing materials for the media is a big part of the job, yet many have never been journalists themselves.

At Unpurple PR, we believe a background in journalism is essential for achieving good PR. There are many reasons for this. The main one, though, is that experienced journalists know how to write copy that other journalists will want to use. (Shorthand is also invaluable!)

Unpurple PR founder Will Ackermann began his career as a reporter working for a small trade publication. He soon became a senior reporter at the UK’s biggest regional daily newspaper. After a spell at a weekly paper, he ended up at a well-known London news agency, where his stories were sold daily to the UK’s national newspapers and websites. From there, he joined an established public relations agency, before launching Unpurple PR in 2018.

(Will also holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and International Development and enjoys developing computer games in his spare time.)

Fewer clients

PR agencies generally want as many clients as possible. After all, more clients means more money. The problem is, unless the agency hires extra staff, new clients also mean less time and attention for existing ones.

At Unpurple PR, we handle only a select few clients. Currently, we have just two and are not seeking more. In fact, in our first year we took the bold step of dropping several satisfied clients, sacrificing a significant proportion of the company’s income. We decided early on that we would rather provide an outstanding service for a few than an average service for many. We will never take on a new client without consulting our existing ones first.

No nonsense

Have you ever had a PR agency tell you that your small story in the free local paper had an ‘equivalent advertising value’, or ‘EAV’, of thousands of pounds? There are several metrics similar to this – and we believe they’re all rubbish.

EAV, for example, is calculated by multiplying the cost of an advertisement by some arbitrary factor – anything from two to 10, depending on the agency. The idea is to account for the fact that organic coverage is more valuable than paid-for advertising. While this is true, it is impossible to quantify.

So, why do PR agencies do this? Well, because it makes them look good! At Unpurple PR, however, we let the coverage speak for itself, and we’re positive you’ll be impressed with our results.

We apply a similar no-nonsense approach to all our dealings with clients. You won’t find us throwing around PR buzzwords or spending hours compiling reports that are all frills and no substance. We believe in straight-talking, honest relationships.

Better value

We do more for less money. It’s as simple as that. We believe we provide a better service for our clients than most agencies ever could, for a fraction of the cost. (To enquire about specific costs, please contact us.)

Why ‘Unpurple’?

The name ‘Unpurple PR’ refers to the fact that, unlike many other PR companies, we don’t use flowery, ‘purple’ prose. Instead, we write tight copy that gets across our clients’ messages with clarity, detail and impact.

We believe this style is mirrored by our no-nonsense approach to business in general.


Our clients



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